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As you all probably know, I dislike American football because it is pretty boring and a waste of time in my mind. However, since I'm an intern I get asked to help with everything. So a girl called Kieran, I love that name by the way, asked me to help her with the superbowl party at the student village bar. I should probably explain the different places I am able to help in. There is Divas, which is an on campus dance club and is connected to the Green Room which is a cafe in the day and they have a DJ on the weekends usually playing R&B or more relaxing music, and Divas has a capacity of about 900 people. JC's is the on-campus pub/sports bar, where I watched Rugby the day before. Idol's is the student village bar, but it's more like a sports bar. It has a pool table, air hockey, and some IT boxes which are gambling games. Then there's Time & Envy which is one of if not the biggest nght clubs in town. The capacity is 2500 and is really busy on the weekends. Then there are other places associated with where I work but aren't directly owned by Ents, and one is Escape, which is my favorite place because it has an Indie room, a metal room, a stage for live bands, and several cool areas to sit.

Alright back to the superbowl. A bartender from Idols called Das and I worked on the Superbowl party together in which we sold hot dogs, taught them to make trail mix, gave a presentation about how to play American football since many don't know or follow the sport, and completely decorated the place in American flags, statues of liberty, and balloons. We even faced painted which was the most fun. The only problem was that it began around 12am since the time difference, so it was a late night to say the least.

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