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Goa, India

Finally I had arrived!

Well so far it has been a crazy experience, which is what I've expected but it is still India is not what I thought it was, however, I have not been here long enough to judge whether or not I am correct in those predictions. The journey began a little sour in that the engine wouldn't begin in Fargo so all the passengers had to get off the plane and rebook their flight, and as I approached the front of the line, they announced they had fixed the plane and we could go as scheduled. By this time I was nervous to catch my connecting flight and my stomach was grumbling. When I got to Minneapolis I found that my flight had been delayed so I had an hour to eat. The rides were pleasant from there, including the fact that my longest flight was only 14 hours and not 19 like I had thought. Surprisingly it went by fast although I wasn't able to sleep much of it. When I arrived in Bombay or Mumbai which is the new name, there wasn't as many people as I expected basically just the ones from our flight but the mannerisms were different in the sense that Indians aren't used to a queue system so everyone was budging and running around. However things seemed more relaxed than the US because they didn't interrogate you at customs and rip every article of clothing off you if you look "mildly suspicious."

My next flight wasn't until the next morning at 5am and I got in around 10 so I had some waiting to do, so I just waited in Mumbai airport and took a domestic flight to Goa and it was strange because on the plane they had these items you could bid on during the flight, strange concept. So when I got to Goa I was getting a bit exhausted and I was told someone would be waiting for me so I looked around but saw no one. I took it upon myself to get a prepaid taxi to Goa University, but the girl at the counter must have misunderstood because I certainly did not arrive at the right place. The taxi ride was pretty crazy and I had no idea where he was taking me, but we got to a place called The International Centre and it seemed very nice and like it could be the right place but I soon found out it wasn't. The taxi driver left and I was stuck at this place because it was 6:30am and also a Sunday. Luckily the man at the front desk was very helpful and arranged his friend to take me to the University for a small fee. Finally I arrived at the Guest House and I think they were expecting me, but no one spoke any English. They led me to a room and I found Austin in a room across the hall so finally I had arrived!

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