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Oh India

Later that evening (Sunday) Austin and I met with Rahul and he told us we would have an orientation the next afternoon to meet our professors to set up times to attend missed lectures. Their classes began December 3rd so this week is dedicated to catching up on what we've missed. He seemed helpful and willing to work with us. So that night I hardly slept a wink maybe 3 hours at the most and I waited for the sun to rise so I could experiment with my new camera. When it turned 8:30 we (Austin and I) went down to the canteen for breakfast and yes it was spicy, spicy rice is what we had but not too spicy just not something my stomach wanted for breakfast.

After breakfast we decided to take a little journey to a village called Cacra and it seemed almost tribal it gave a feel they were their own little community with their own rules of governing, however since there is tourism and Goa Uni very close they are not completely isolated. They have a small shop where you can get snacks and maybe soap. We walked down by the sea and just talked for awhile what we were getting ourselves into. Then we walked back to the guest house. We ate lunch and eventually took naps and went to orientation. This consisted of sittiting in a room with our new professors trying to settle on a time schedule for the week to have individual briefings before we could attend regular class. I thought it was a big commotion since they were kind of arguing over time slots and it seemed kind of unorganized, but Rahul thought it went well apparently. That's the thing, people here have such a completely different view of Everything! Personal space, hygiene, relationships, spirituality and those are only ones I've come across in the last few days. It's interesting to know why people do it this way which is why it is so conveinent to have Jim around, but without knowing why it is difficult to justify some action or way of life. For example hygiene and manners are drastically different from what I am used to. We are taught to always wash our hands, to never eat with our hands or chew with our mouths open, and we as it is gross to have insects in our food. But here people eat with their hands and if there is a bug in their food they will eat it, and it is silly not to.

Anyways after orientation I was feeling good about the school aspect of things and I finally got my internet working so familiarity was key to make me more at ease. However, the connection is horrible but at least it is there. I ended up staying up until 1:30am talking to a couple of the Japanese boys and one Korean. It was very interesting since they are just learning English and I got to show them music on my computer and they really liked some of it. They also said they had been waiting for us to get here so they would have someone else to speak to. They are in their own separate class with just 11 of them and they study a different subject every week so they don't get to use much of the English skills. Again I got maybe four hours of sleep but I was feeling good in the morning so it was okay.

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