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Reel Big Fish

Another adventure has come my way. Reel Big Fish (is probably the biggest ska band here, even though they are from California, and ska music is like punk music, a bit more dancy and add trumpets and trombones to the mix), Zebra Head, and Fandango, came to Swansea last Tuesday and my job was to buy everything the bands wanted on a list they put together, help set up and take down equipment, and tend to any other wants or needs throughout the night. Everyone was very nice, and the bands were pretty excited that I was from the states too. I walked in from grocery shopping, and the band's manager stopped me and asked are you the girl from North Dakota? I said yea that's me. He said, how can you really be from North Dakota? Then after the show, there was an after party where my job was to get them taxi's and help them around the club.

It was really fun and exciting, and I'm really lucky to have had the opportunity. I was surprised it wasn't like they were these famous people on a pedastool and I was the fan, where there enters a level of separation. Maybe it was a mixture of them being professional, and the fact that I wasn't a die hard fan of them to begin with. I enjoy their music and I've seen them twice before, so the newness is maybe not what it used to be. Who knows, it was a good night.

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