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This weekend was pretty eventful as well. Rugby and football (our soccer) are the main sports played and watched in the U.K., and there is a huge rivalry between England and Wales. I don't completely understand why, I suppose it is similar to the states but a lot more intense. So there was a rugby match between England vs. Wales on Saturday afternoon, and I have no idea about rugby so I wanted to see what it was all about. Some people from work told me to meet them and they would explain what was going on, so when I got to this sports bar type pub, the place was completely packed with people, so we sat on the ground in bean bag chairs. About 80% of the people were wearing rugby shirts with their team name, red for Wales, white for England. Before the game started people were cheering and hollering, the English team Chelsey, sang 'Swing Low Sweet Cheriot' because I guess it's tradition. Everyone stocked up on beer and crisps (chips as we call them), and got ready. The game was only 80 minutes, but it seemed pretty brutal since they don't wear pads. They also don't stop after every play like football, and they cannot pass the ball foward. So I was taught the rules and England ended up winning so there were a lot of sad faces that afternoon.

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