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The First Few Days

So finally I'm writing this blog I had been planning to do for awhile. The plane ride went well because I slept most of the way except the guy next to me was named 'Z' and from Pakistan. I made my way through the airport and customs surprisingly and to a train. After a four hour train ride and 3 train switches later I arrived in Swansea. I found the nearest taxi and told him where I needed to go, eventhough I wasn't exactly sure. I received my keys and had to lug my suitcase up with giant hill where my house was, number 74. I unpacked, and took a nap. When I woke up, I met my roomates, well some of them. Adi who is a computer science major, aged 24 and from Indonesia. Patrick is also a computer science major aged 22, from somewhere in England. Dave is a computer science major aged 22, from Cardiff, Wales, and Ming Jed is an engineering major aged 26 from Malaysia. I went to bed that night, tired as can be.

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The Countdown

So I'm heading to Swansea, Wales in about five days from now and I am growing more and more excited every day. I didn't realize however that I'm going to actually miss some people back in North Dakota. I know they will be here when I return, but it will be weird not to see familiar faces in so long and be aquainted with new familiar faces abroad. There will be a number of things I will miss, but the reason people miss things is because there is a hope of getting them back again, so I will eventually be reunited with friends, family, and other retarted things I seem to miss. I am pretty much packed and ready to go, but I keep having this reoccuring dream that I am late for my flight without my suitcase packed. I suppose there could be worse things in the world. I hope to update this thing at least twice a week or whenever something exciting happens, so we shall see how timely I am and if I can keep my new years resolution of keeping in better contact with the world. Until we meet again.

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