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U.K. terms

rubbish = trash
lolli = sucker
boot = trunk
petrol = gas
1 stone = 14 lbs.
chave = someone who wears gold chains and is a menace to society
queue = to form a line
pulling = kissing
crisps = chips
tomato sauce = ketchup
football = soccer
napie = diaper
sweets = candy
fit = hott or good looking
tosser = jerk
jumper = shirt
trouser = pants
pants = underware
gangways = aisles
mum = mom
chips = french fries
bloke = man
cheers = thanks, or goodbye
mad = crazy
bollocks = crazy, unheard of
quid = slang for one pound
mate = friend or pal
lift = elevator
lemonade = carbonated lemon water
squash = fruit drink
z (pronounced zed) lol that one threw me off

common words that aren't used often at home: cheeky, fancy, lovely, gorgeous, brilliant, lush

thats all for now...

Posted by sierrak 15:14

PJ Party and Valentines

One of my projects at Ents is to organize social events on a Friday night, so I decided to put on a 'pyjama party' as they spell it. So Owen, another events planner and I, got some mattresses loads of pillows and many fairy lights and decorated Divas to look quite comfortable and dream like. Many people wore pyjama's which was cool and I think everyone had a good time. Some wore slippers, and some of the guys even wore women's pj's which was entertaining.

Sunday was also another event called Live and Wired where it's basically an open mic night and local talents come to display their musical art. I was very surprised at how good each act was. A lot of it was accoustic, but they had very beautiful voices. My boss Ben and his best friend did a few songs and they did really well.

For valentines day, Idols is having an anti-valentines karoake, and Time is going to have a lock and key party where all the girls get a lock and the boys get a key and when you find your match you get a prize.

Posted by sierrak 07:46


As you all probably know, I dislike American football because it is pretty boring and a waste of time in my mind. However, since I'm an intern I get asked to help with everything. So a girl called Kieran, I love that name by the way, asked me to help her with the superbowl party at the student village bar. I should probably explain the different places I am able to help in. There is Divas, which is an on campus dance club and is connected to the Green Room which is a cafe in the day and they have a DJ on the weekends usually playing R&B or more relaxing music, and Divas has a capacity of about 900 people. JC's is the on-campus pub/sports bar, where I watched Rugby the day before. Idol's is the student village bar, but it's more like a sports bar. It has a pool table, air hockey, and some IT boxes which are gambling games. Then there's Time & Envy which is one of if not the biggest nght clubs in town. The capacity is 2500 and is really busy on the weekends. Then there are other places associated with where I work but aren't directly owned by Ents, and one is Escape, which is my favorite place because it has an Indie room, a metal room, a stage for live bands, and several cool areas to sit.

Alright back to the superbowl. A bartender from Idols called Das and I worked on the Superbowl party together in which we sold hot dogs, taught them to make trail mix, gave a presentation about how to play American football since many don't know or follow the sport, and completely decorated the place in American flags, statues of liberty, and balloons. We even faced painted which was the most fun. The only problem was that it began around 12am since the time difference, so it was a late night to say the least.

Posted by sierrak 04:42


This weekend was pretty eventful as well. Rugby and football (our soccer) are the main sports played and watched in the U.K., and there is a huge rivalry between England and Wales. I don't completely understand why, I suppose it is similar to the states but a lot more intense. So there was a rugby match between England vs. Wales on Saturday afternoon, and I have no idea about rugby so I wanted to see what it was all about. Some people from work told me to meet them and they would explain what was going on, so when I got to this sports bar type pub, the place was completely packed with people, so we sat on the ground in bean bag chairs. About 80% of the people were wearing rugby shirts with their team name, red for Wales, white for England. Before the game started people were cheering and hollering, the English team Chelsey, sang 'Swing Low Sweet Cheriot' because I guess it's tradition. Everyone stocked up on beer and crisps (chips as we call them), and got ready. The game was only 80 minutes, but it seemed pretty brutal since they don't wear pads. They also don't stop after every play like football, and they cannot pass the ball foward. So I was taught the rules and England ended up winning so there were a lot of sad faces that afternoon.

Posted by sierrak 04:07

Reel Big Fish

Another adventure has come my way. Reel Big Fish (is probably the biggest ska band here, even though they are from California, and ska music is like punk music, a bit more dancy and add trumpets and trombones to the mix), Zebra Head, and Fandango, came to Swansea last Tuesday and my job was to buy everything the bands wanted on a list they put together, help set up and take down equipment, and tend to any other wants or needs throughout the night. Everyone was very nice, and the bands were pretty excited that I was from the states too. I walked in from grocery shopping, and the band's manager stopped me and asked are you the girl from North Dakota? I said yea that's me. He said, how can you really be from North Dakota? Then after the show, there was an after party where my job was to get them taxi's and help them around the club.

It was really fun and exciting, and I'm really lucky to have had the opportunity. I was surprised it wasn't like they were these famous people on a pedastool and I was the fan, where there enters a level of separation. Maybe it was a mixture of them being professional, and the fact that I wasn't a die hard fan of them to begin with. I enjoy their music and I've seen them twice before, so the newness is maybe not what it used to be. Who knows, it was a good night.

Posted by sierrak 12:07

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